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Concrete Crack Repair Waterproofing Membranes French Drains and Chimney Drains Iron Ochre Camera Test Window Wells


The slope, soil types and quality of the
concrete can contribute to cause moisture
problems and water infiltration. This is why
it is very important not to overlook the
waterproofing of the foundation.

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Installation of waterproofing membranes and foundation waterproofing

Whatever the age of your building, it is possible that during its construction, contractors have neglected the watertightness of its foundation and the means used to ensure efficient and complete drainage.

Too often neglected or forgotten, the waterproofing is nevertheless one of the most important things if you want to have your basement safe from water infiltration and thus keep it dry.

Too high humidity in a residential or commercial building can lead to mold, which in turn may contribute to the proliferation of bacteria causing inconveniences that may have a direct impact on your health or that of your loved ones.

Waterproofing membranes assure protection against humidity, ponding and thus protect against the presence of mold and water infiltration. In addition, your foundation being no longer in contact with the soil, they also prevent spalling of the concrete.

By using our services, you make sure that your foundation is waterproofed according to the rules of art!

DELTA-MS membrane

The main function of the DELTA-MS membrane is to act as a waterproof protection of the foundation. It prevents water from coming into contact with the wall surface and drains accumulations to the bottom of the foundation where the french drain is.

The main advantages of the DELTA-MS membrane are:
- It eliminates any moisture and keeps your basement dry
- It increases the thermal insulation of your basement
- It can be installed on all almost all types of foundations
- It provides optimal drainage

Problems related to poor sealing of a foundation

- Wet inside concrete, at the base of the foundation
- Presence of water inside, due to infiltration in the basement
- Presence of mold on the interior walls of the basement


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